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Friday, October 09, 2009

Live in a world of our own

Well, now, it's been more than a month since we got back from visiting the UK Outlaws and I've been busy busy busy busy.

MDH and I have finally got a place to call our own on this little island, somewhere we where we can put up real picture hooks without worrying about getting back our deposit! We finally get to argue about shades of white, fuss over window treatments and buy our first piece of furniture.

It will be good for Stardust to have more space to move around and use his energy without worrying about making a mess. I am itching to start doing some really messy craft and painting projects with him. Stardust is starting to get very frustrated with the restrictions of my parents' place which is not in the least bit child-proof and has no place for him to play outside (the carpark is not considered a good play area for a toddler!). The new flat has got lovely breezy grounds, a cool playground and a funky swimming pool so there are plenty of things Stardust can do to use up his energy.

I am very excited to moving out of my parent's house. They have been very supportive and a great help with Stardust, however, after being back here for two years, I find that my thoughts and behaviours are slowly regressing and I'll be reaching a rebellious adolesence pretty soon which I am sure will involve some form of moody sulking and door-slamming to the tune of 'It's My Life'. It would be much healthier for me to put aside childish things and once again embrace being an independant adult and rediscover my role as a wife and mother. It is also so important for MDH to be able to establish himself as the head of our family unit, a role that he has had to put aside in deference to my parents.

So, in between bickering with MDH over whether teal is blue-green or green-blue, dealing with Stardust's newfound ability to loudly and energetically exert his will, a horrifying medical discovery in the family, and the headsplitting sound of the jackhammer coming from the neighbour's flat (when, oh, when will they be finished up there? It's been 8 weeks now!), I have not found the time to write. Or, perhaps, there is too much going on in my mind, and I have not found the time to process it all.

But very, very soon, we'll be far away from the bustle and bright city lights and we'll live in a world of our own. And I am really looking forward to it.


Blogger angry doc said...

Hah. I know how you feel. :)

5:28 pm  
Blogger aliendoc said...

Nothing like having your own home! Happy House Warming!

4:22 pm  
Blogger Dragonfly said...


7:41 pm  
Anonymous Hamster said...

Congrats! And especially for YDH - I personally know and feel the kinda pain he has to go through...

2:19 pm  

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