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Friday, May 08, 2009

In the garden

We were too lazy to go walking today, so we spent the afternoon relaxing in the garden.

Stardust kept himself very busy, weeding the lawn and looking for treasures. He would bend down and pluck at the grass whilst examining the ground intently. Then, suddenly, he would pick something up gently between thumb and forefinger and bring it to me, crowing with delight. A golden brown dried leaf here, a lacy dragonfly wing there, placed ever so carefully in my cupped hands.
Occasionally, he would pause and peer at his collection, making sure that I hadn't dropped anything. If a blade of grass or flower petal went missing, he would frown at me disapprovingly.
MDH spied the local calico cat slinking round the corner of the garden, carrying scraps from the kitchen in a most unladylike fashion. He followed her and found, nestling in a bed of dry straw underneath the rose bushes, a trio of tiny kittens curled up in a fuzzy mass.
Stardust fell in love with them at first sight and insisted on patrolling the rose bush and chasing away predators such as sparrows and grasshoppers. He wouldn't go off to nap until we assured him that the hotel manager would personally ensure the kittens' safety and wellbeing!


Anonymous LiLi said...

He's so cute. I enjoy reading about his advantures. :)

Have a good break!


9:03 pm  
Anonymous Hamster said...

You have an amazing son.

12:17 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

LiLi: Thanks! I really had a good break. It was nice just doing nearly nothing all day.

Hamster: I do I do.

7:54 pm  

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