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Friday, April 17, 2009

Preparing for a roadtrip

We've been back in Singapore for more than a year now and we still haven't made it across the causeway to Malaysia.

Well, after reading about the mystic beauty of Fraser's Hill, we have decided that we will make the trip up there with Stardust and the Aged Ps. Yes, we are fully aware that it is an excruciating 8 hour drive, part of which is on a rustic (potholed) narrow road that winds nauseatingly up the side of Bukit Fraser. However, MDH all but crying out for a breath of cool smog-free air, and the stone cottages that date back to the proud days of British Colonialism is probably about as close to home as he will get for now.

I have not been to Fraser's Hill since I was 6 months old so I am quite excited about this trip.

If anyone has any advice on places to eat or walking routes or tourist traps to avoid, please drop me a line! Recommendations on good reststops to make en route from Singapore to Fraser's Hill would be very useful to me too.


Blogger jadeite said...

Well, I'll say something useless :/ but I had to mention it - Fraser's Hill for us is the place where the water heater in the hotel we were staying blew up in the middle of the night. It caved our entire door/toilet in. I was about 5 or 6 years old. We couldn't get out the door - filled in by rubble - so we climbed out the window and crawled along a narrow ledge many, many floors up, to the next room. Our things were buried in the toilet. We weren't reimbursed - and many other nasty incidents happened with the hotel staff and police trying to pin it on someone and trying to make us drive back up (back in the time when traffic went one direction for one hour, then switched over for another hour because the road was too narrow) to sign a statement in Malay that we couldn't even read.

My mother refuses to ever step foot in Fraser's Hill ever again!

But no, that wasn't helpful at all. I apologize.

5:13 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

jadeite: That is a horrible story! I can only hope that our visit will be much, much less exciting.

4:40 pm  

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