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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Forest ranging

Stardust loves viewing the world from the comfort of his carrier, riding high up on his dad's back. Occasionally, MDH will pause for a moment to watch a passing butterfly or listen to the whirring of the cicadas...and the impatient little passenger will pummel him between the shoulder blades urging him forwards.

After a while, of course, Stardust gets restless after sitting for too long and begins to wiggle around. Now that he's started walking, he likes to practice his skill whenever he gets the chance.
The forest floor is still muddy from last night's rainfall and Stardust's shoes aren't watertight, so we wander over to a path that is paved with lichen covered concrete slabs instead of leaf litter.
Down we go, slowly, slowly, one step at a time, singing all the way.


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