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Monday, May 04, 2009

No sweat

It was much, much too hot here last week. MDH managed to get a few days off work, so we disappeared off to the higher altitudes of the Titiwangsa mountain range of Peninsula Malaysia - to the tiny little hamlet of Bukit Fraser.

Yes, despite the warnings of a long drive and the poor structural quality of local hotels, we decided that it was time to bring Stardust to see Malaysia and the old glories of colonial living.
Stardust was reasonably well behaved during the long drive up - we left at 7am and managed to reach our hotel by 3:45pm, just in time for a cream tea and a well deserved nap for all the family.

In our room, with Stardust happily tucked away in his cot in the corner, MDH and I stretched out like two starfish in the enormous four-poster bed. "Do you hear that?", MDH whispered to me. "I don't hear anything at all," said I, "it's really peaceful here". MDH smiled happily and sighed, "It's the sound of No Air Con."

The view from our window


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