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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fire all phasers!

Oh yes, oh yes, I went to watch the new Star Trek movie and it was not good at all - it was awesome! I wanna watch it again!
A good friend of mine won a pair of tickets to the gala premiere, and decided to take me to watch it instead of her clueless 'Oh, is that the same as Star Wars' husband. WOOHOO!
MDH sulked at first because we had agreed to see together. But he agreed that it was too good an offer (i.e. Free Movie) to pass up and told me that if Zachary Quinto or Simon Pegg happened to be present, I was allowed to throw my bra at them.
Isn't he liberal?
Well, we didn't meet any movie stars, but we did meet a group of cool fellers who were decked out in Star Trek regalia and carrying phasers. I managed to wheedle them into taking pictures with us - and one of them even let me pose with a his (obviously beloved) phaser, but only because I looked as if I made an effort to dress for the occasion.
Yes, I wore a Star Trek regulation insignia pin on the lapel of my dress, because I am Cool and With It. Can anyone guess what it is? I promise not to tell anyone what a nerdy Trekker you are.
As for the movie - I should think that it would probably irritate some of the more hardcore fans of the Original Series. However, it's the best Star Trek film I've seen since 'First Contact'. And it had the whole auditorium laughing and gasping at all the right moments.


Blogger wahj said...

That's easy .. Klingon Empire =)

I had a pin just like that many years ago. Alas, it's lost. (I also had the Federation pin, but not the cool battery operated one which goes "beepedy-boop" when you press it)

And yes, I loved this Star Trek movie! It's back to the good old days of Kirk and Spock and Bones again, woohoo!

1:00 pm  
Blogger aliendoc said...

Live long and prosper!

From a closet Trekkie....

8:20 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

wahj: You should get a prize!

I didn't know they had a Federation pin that makes beepedyboop sounds! I want one! I would so wear it to church.

aliendoc: Dif-torheh smusma to you too!

11:15 am  

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