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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Culture Shock #1

I am shocked to realise that:

In this country, people very seldom pay compliments to each other - especially to people who are seen as being 'junior'. A good work or good effort is hardly ever acknowledged - and if it is, it is done in such a begrudging manner that one is never sure if a word of praise has been spoken or not. However, compliments may occasionally be paid behind one's back in a surprisingly expansive manner.

This is called "avoiding obsequious flattery". It is not called "being unencouraging and unsupportive".

The people here are very quick to openly condemn anything that is not to their liking. They will quite happily hurl abuse and revel in making one feel as small as possible. And I am sure that the complaining continues in secret as well. Reprimands, complaints and insults rapidly from mouths that can belabour the same criticisms for over half an hour.

This is called "being candid and honest". It is not called "being cruel and rude".


Blogger Zak said...

Hey you! Welcome back! Missed all your funny words and dry humour that the English are so well known for. How's the baby coming along? Anyday now huh? I had the imagery you were that you were in bed with your feet swollen and propped up on pillows while MDH runs around getting you stuff....

You are right about the compliments and overwhelming UNencouragingness you see happening at the workplace... When you do well, the remark will be 'it's your job what! you're supposed to be doing it well anyway! Salary must earn what!!' But if you don't do well, aahh, then all hell will break lose!

Just to give you an example ah, in the 2007 PSLE exam, this girl did exceptionally well, apparently her aggregate scores are the highest in the past 10 years. So the credit went to the girl, of course, the parents, the extended family and it stops there. Nowhere was ANY credit given to her teacher. NONE. Since i happen to know her teacher, I find this terribly unfair. Knowing this girl's ability, the teacher did everything she can to push her to do as well as she can. But can you imagine if this girl hayd failed? the blame would almost itmmediately fall on the teacher who 'didin't teach the girl properly'..... That's the lion city for you!

Anyway, welcome back and may there be patters of little feet soon!!

1:55 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

zak: In bed with MDH running around me? On the contrary! I am still working! There's no rest for the wicked, you know.

6:10 pm  

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