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Thursday, May 31, 2007


I've been alone on the wards for the last two weeks, covering for other doctors who haven't been able to turn up for work due to sickness, study leave, last minute interviews, resignation etc.

So now, I have to attend my own ward rounds and look after my own patients, as well as carry the on-call bleep. However, due to the sudden lack of junior doctors in the Trust, senior doctors from other wards who are somehow unable to their own work have been dragging me to their wards to act as a Scutter. I'm not doing the extra work out of my own good heart - it's being forced on me because nobody else will take responsibility.

As a result, my own ward patients suffer.

I'm tired of all this.

Worst of all, I come home, and there's no fricking chocolate in the house. How am I supposed to cope?!


Blogger Woof! said...

*sayang* :D

1:14 pm  
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