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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Being Constructive

Whilst I have been hard at work this week, MDH has had a few days off for study leave.

Study leave? Yes, doctors are entitled to a few days off in order to attend training courses or post-graduate examinations. Sometimes, doctors are even allowed to take a few days here and there for independent study.

MDH has been using his time very constructively to do some revision and work on some presentations. He has also found time to run some errands down in the town centre – that is, do the grocery shopping and banking, get the car cleaned, drop off the winter clothes at the drycleaners…and visit the computer game store and trade-in some of his old Playstation 2 games for new ones.

I think MDH started out his computer game obsession with a second-hand ZX Spectrum that given to him by a friend. This is why 2-D platform games that involved lightning reflexes and accurate timing, like Manic Miner, are his favourite. He still maintains that the current games consoles are not sophisticated enough yet to manage a 3-D platform environment, although the graphics are impressive and beautiful.

The current Prince of Persia games are apparently the best in terms of the fluidity and flexibility of character movement (in his opinion). However, there is a great deal of inaccuracy when it comes to the representation of depth and perspective, which limits the speed and precision of character control. Thus, MDH finds that the action sequences in games like Tomb Raider are not as challenging as those in the 8-bit Sonic the Hedgehog or Super Mario Bros.

As I type this, MDH is busy running around a muddy wooden arena, defeating some sort of giant zombie cave troll. Using a shotgun that has a limited supply of bullets. In the pouring rain. With the aid of a wild wolf.

I am also engrossed. “AARGH!” I find myself hollering, as the giant zombie cave troll throws a boulder at MDH, “Dodge it dodge it dodgeit quickquickquick run away, run away!”

Meanwhile, the textbook lies, lonely and forgotten, in a corner of the room.


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