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Sunday, December 31, 2006


Today, I got yelled at. In front of EV-REE-BO-DEE. I got yelled at by the toadlike female consultant who always wears shapeless brown outfits. And, she was loud. Especially loud on the subject of my incompetence.

Mrs Toad: You are incompetent!!
TSCD: But...why?
Mrs Toad: You have not put a urinary catheter in this man! You are incompetent!
TSCD: But...
Mrs Toad: This man has kidney problems and he is septic and you have handled him incompetently!
TSCD: But...
Mrs Toad: He should have been catheterised so we can monitor his urine output, you incompetent sod!
TSCD: But...But...
Mrs Toad: Incompetent, incompetent, incompetent! (turns to patient) When was the last time you passed urine?
Patient: Oh...about 5, 6 years ago.
Mrs Toad: What?!!
TSCD: His kidney failure is from obstructed kidneys. He can't pass urine. He gets dialysis 3 times a week. That's why I didn't put a catheter in. (thinks: HA! So there.)
Mrs Toad: Well, why didn't you tell me that, you incompetent doctor??? (flounces off)
TSCD: Meh. (thinks: you need some retail therapy, woman)


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