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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Shaken and stirred

I've finally had the chance to watch Casino Royale. It's refreshing to see a good old-fashioned punch-'em-up without all the kungfu styling.

I have decided that Daniel Craig is not as awful as I thought. He is HOT, but also very, very irritating. I think it is because he looks really smug. He makes me want to slap him across the face with the back of my hand. Rrrowr.

Another actor who is both HOT, yet irritating, is Jonathan Rhys Meyers. (To me, however, he will always and forever be Steerpike from Gormenghast.) He has a perpetual sneer on his face which is just calling out for someone to rake their long, polished fingernails across it. Meowwrr.

MDH says that this makes me sick and weird.


Blogger Zak said...

I just could not stop laughing when i read your entry. It was just hilarious!

5:09 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

zak: :) I take it you also feel that Daniel Craig needs a slap.

6:53 pm  
Blogger Zak said...

Haahaha.... I sure DO! I might just add Jude Law and Ryan Phillipe to that list! HAhaha

1:56 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

zak: Hahaha...Jude Law, huh? Yeah, I thought he has a smarmy face as well, but then I watched him in 'A.I.' (where all of them just needed a slap) and then there was that scandalous love affair he had, and now I no longer fancy him. He has fallen from grace. I wave my hands disdainfully at Jude Law.

5:54 pm  

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