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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Spammity spam

MDH came home giggling to himself today. Why? I asked him, why are you giggling? Have you done something naughty?

MDH giggled to himself some more. He tells me that he spammed his consultant's email.

By accident?

Oh no.

He wanted to find out if the Dr Grumpy's email address (given to him reluctantly by Dr Grumpy's secretary) was correct, but he didn't want to write an irritating 'testing, testing 1 2 3' email.

So, he made up a spam email from his secondary email address (the one we use for registering for online newsletters) and sent it off to Dr Grumpy.

How does one make up a spam email? Easy, says MDH. Advertise some random product using poor punctuation, bad grammar and worse spelling.

"Buy you orangge freshness here. mandrake says is the good! Yes...No! ClickclickclickityclickHEREbuyNOW"


Don't try this at home.


Blogger wahj said...

omg ... home made spam! = )

6:30 pm  
Blogger Zak said...

that's so funny. especially when some one usually so serious does something silly like that....

6:48 pm  

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