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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Well, the Aged Ps are here to visit again and then I'm off to DisneyWorld, which means that this blog will be updated whenever I get a quiet moment with the computer.

I'm also starting part two of my medical rotation in this hospital this week, which means goodbye goodbye Respiratory Medicine and hello'ello Acute Medicine. It'll almost be like being back in the Emergency Department again. I've been warned that the nurses working in the Acute Medicine unit are moody and some of them don't really give a care. I am sure that this will make for a fantastic working environment for the next 4 months. Hooray for me.

On the bright side, angry unhappy nurses = angry unhappy patients = fewer chocolate covered gifts. I look forward to losing weight.

I've just bought the nursing staff on my ward several boxes of chocolate chip cookies as a 'thank you won't you miss me when I'm gone' parting gift. I hope the day staff save some for the night nurses!


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