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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Boxing Day

The jackpot
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So check it out, it's the pile of presents under our Christmas tree (that is, our entertainment system completely plastered with Christmas cards and topped with a Nativity scene).

Here are some of the things I received for Christmas this year:

1.Ceramic ramikins for the future creation of souffles

2. Two Johnny Cash CDs

3. A book about the history of Ukrainian tractors

4. A cloth bound birthday/anniversary book - may I never forget to send another card ever again

5. Black leather choker with an iridescent crystal pendant for the days I spend hanging out at the biker's bar

6. LED flowers. In red. Obviously, decorations that will last from Christmas to Chinese New Year

7. A tax disc holder from NEXT for my Mini. It is in the shape of a pink pig. I may trade it in for a red ladybird if there are any more in stock after the Boxing Day sales.

8. Holdup tights, black with a glittery backseam. Very sexy.

9. 'Scrubs' DVDs

10. A dinner with my family, filled with carols, topped with a kiss from MDH

The best part of Christmas presents is giving them away. It is such a priviledge to be able to choose and purchase a present for someone, wrap it up in beautiful patterned paper and decorate it with a fancy ribbon star.

I love watching people's faces as they open a present on Christmas Day - the anticipation in their eyes as they scrabble with fingers trying to tear off the paper, the flush of excitement on their cheeks as they catch the first glimpse of the surprise that lies beneath the paper, the sparkle in their smile when they look back at me with gratitude. It's wonderful. Really wonderful.

It's almost as good as watching people's faces as they tuck into a delicious Christmas feast. Oh, the satisfaction. MmmmMmmm.

Hope you all had a wonderful, blessed Christmas! I certainly did.

The feast
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Blogger The Imp said...

have a great 2007! looking forward to more of your insightful posts. :)

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