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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I'm on call.

The vending machines are broken.

The canteen is closed.

And I am very, very hungry.



Blogger IML said...

Do keep some chocolate bars, muesli bars, dried fruit snacks in your bag. Comes in handy in times of crisis.

7:12 am  
Blogger tscd said...

iml: I used to do that, but at this hospital, the doctor's lockers are in the doctor's mess which is 20 minutes walk away across a muddy, unlit field. And I get yelled at if I leave food in the ward kitchen (even if it's my own!).

12:23 am  
Blogger Laurie Anderson, RNP said...

I can ususally find peanut butter and crackers (on a good day saltines AND grahams) on the units.

11:01 pm  

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