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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Retail Therapy

Retail Therapy
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Sunshine follows me.

I don't often go shopping unless I have something specific in mind that I want to buy. Window shopping gives me a headache (probably overstimulation), and unless I'm actively looking for something that I want or need, I hardly ever see anything that I like.

Today, however, I wanted to buy some blank books and maybe a new spring/fall casual jacket (considering that I have been looking for a new jacket for about 4 years, I wasn't getting my hopes up). So I wandered around the shops for about 3 hours and came back with:

1. A jean jacket with brassy buttons. Yay for me!!! When I wear it, I look sweet but also HAWT. Absolutely spicy apple pie, that's me. It has a pleated bit at the back so that if I ever decide to get breast implants or if I go for a binge-trip, I'll be able to wear this jacket and still look delicious.

2. A present for MDH (the season one DVD of 'Red Dwarf'. He's gonna be so pleased.)

3. A purple fabric bound blank book with pink felt birds on it. I plan to turn this into my sister's present. Not sure how yet (any bright ideas??). But I have a Good Feeling about it. Plus it's so beautiful!

4. A lightweight, spiral bound, plastic covered, travel journal.

5. A spiral bound pocket notebook with flowers scrawled on it in an Artistic Fashion (this was my one indulgence today - buying something just because it was pretty.)

This all makes me very happy. I get very happy when I've had a successful shopping trip. Yes, I know I spent 3 hours only buying 5 items. I am a very restrained shopper. Just to give you an idea about how restrained I am, here's what I did not buy:

1. A beautiful dark red Coast belted macintosh. It was called Anushka and it was 30% off and I stood in front of it stroking the rough tweed fabric but I dared not try it on because I already have a three-quarter length coat.

2. A soft calfskin gilet with silky faux fur trimmings from Warehouse. It was decadence with a devilish edge and when I put it on I felt like Lara Croft but it was £65 and in the end, a gilet is just a fancy name for a vest and besides, it was dry-clean only.

3. A knit scarf with horizontal stripes in autumnal colours so vivid you could smell the cinnamon and orange and the roasting apples. I put it on, took it off, put it on, put it down, picked it up, put it on again, paraded in front of the mirrors, took it off, walked around the shop holding it, and the end I had to leave because it was too much exercise.

4. The special edition box set of 'Back to The Future'. It was a choice between that and 'Red Dwarf'. 'Red Dwarf' won because it was the last one in the shop, and I didn't know if I would ever find another copy again. Also, 'Red Dwarf' did not have a uglified cover embossed with a scratched and dented DeLorean.

5.The City of Beasts by Isabel Allende (I may get it off Amazon instead).

To celebrate my accomplishments, I got myself a nice festive red cup of Starbucks minty hot chocolate, and sipped it slowly whilst reading through some study materials (I've got some pre-course homework to complete by next weekend).

When I got home, looked out the window and this beautiful pink and red sunset started singing to me - almost fell out of the window trying to get a picture of it to show MDH (later he's asleep at the moment - working the overnight shifts, see).

I'm gonna go marinate some beef steaks now...I can't wait to see MDH's face when I give him his new DVD! Whee!


Anonymous a l said...

what a lovely sunset!

(i was a big fan of red dwarf, when it was dramatized for radio!)

9:25 am  
Blogger ketsugi said...

I'm not very fond of retail therapy; the *act* of buying something feels good, the act of *paying* for it never does, and afterward I often find that the amount I paid was more than the thing was worth in terms of utility and long-term satisfaction. Impulse buying, bad!

11:42 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

a.l.: I thought so too - too bad the building is covering half of it.

ketsugi: I can't seem to buy on impulse. It's not really my thing.

1:40 am  

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