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Friday, June 11, 2010

Never leave the window open

Today, I left the kitchen window open all morning whilst I was downstairs at the playground with Stardust.

          Stupid me.

I came back to find that my kitchen and dining room had been tastefully decorated with a multitude of golden glistening drops of very, very wet bird muck.

The culprit was sitting the lip of the kitchen sink, chirruping proudly at us.

It would not fly away.

It just would not.

I had to chase it all over the house with a newspaper, whilst Stardust rolled on the couch (mercifully spared by our feathered friend) helplessly shrieking with laughter.

Finally, it hopped out onto the windowsill and I managed to shut the window before it could hop back in again.

Whilst I went about the house with a rag and a pail of disinfectant, I noticed that it kept peering in at me and chirping hopefully.  I ignored it.

It was still there, staring reproachfully at me as I cut up some meat for dinner.

I will be keeping the kitchen window closed from now on.  You never know what sort of visitors you might get through an open window.

Have a good weekend!



Blogger jadeite said...

i'm sorry about the mess, but it's too funny not to giggle. Stardust must've been tickled pink!

poor bird, no food?

3:30 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

jadeite: From the quantity of droppings that Creature left behind, I'd say that it probably eats far too much!

4:52 pm  

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