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Tuesday, June 01, 2010


(7:30am, Stardust has just woken up)
Stardust: Mumby, Mumby!  Moon next to me!
TSCD: I don't understand.  Where was the moon?
Stardust: Moon next to me!  Moon next to me!
TSCD: In your room?
Stardust: Noooo, moon next to me, moon in the clouds!  I see the clouds, I climb up the clouds, I sit on the moon!
TSCD: You sat on the moon?
Stardust: I sit on the moon!  I sit on the moon; I sit like this...(sits on the edge of the bed, with legs dangling)
TSCD: Wow!  Did you really?
Stardust: I sit on the moon, I see the stars.  Mumby, Mumby, stars come out, stars t(w)inkling!
TSCD: That sounds beautiful.  Did you like it?
Stardust: Uhhhhh...yes.



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