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Monday, June 08, 2009

Nu Schu

I bought a pair of new shoes today. They are soft, soft leather in muted pink and grey, with a pale pink ribbon at the back holding in place a sparkly pink and silver bijou.

They are happy. They are girly. They twinkle when I walk.

And they are flat as flat can be. Happy banana flats.

I blame this self-indulgence on my dear friend, Shopping Queen, who happened to be with me at the time. She is a big, big fan of flat shoes.

To her credit, she managed to save me from buying a pair of bright neon pink ballerinas.

Update (at LiLi's request):
I love the classy muted colours and the whimsical charm at the back. It somehow reminded me of spring mornings in Europe.
Anyway, I went home and looked up the brand - all the designer are from Paris and Milan, which is why they have that simple, chic continental look. The lady who founded the brand, however, seems to hail from this end of the world, which is why the prices are low.
Here's a picture of my chassures purchased from:
Wisma Atria
Unit B1-12.
I must say that not all their designs were as comfortable as these banana flats. I tried on a gorgeous snakeskin heel which looked great but I felt like my toes were being sawn off by a rusty blade.


Anonymous LiLi said...

:) Any pix of it? I've always had difficulties finding nice comfortable shoes... where did you get this pair?


8:56 am  
Anonymous LiLi said...

hahaha.. hey! Thanks for the pix!

wah... pretty pair. :)


5:06 pm  

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