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Sunday, March 01, 2009


I am a really big fan of Etsy - the idea of industrious hands working away to produce something lovely and loved really appeals to me. I often browse through the different shops, admiring all the creativity and thoughtfulness that goes into each product.

These lovely poppies are freshly picked from Fleurette - a little etsy flower shop set up by a young mummy called Jo (the pictures of her daughter on her blog are really precious). You can tell that she has put in some effort choosing her materials - and I especially enjoy reading the descriptions she has written about each item. If I was looking for romantic wedding hairpieces, I would have most definitely asked her to make up something sweet and pretty for me.

Best of all, she's a local girl from the little red dot, which means that all her fleurs are homegrown. Buy local and buy indie, that's what I say! I am looking forward to seeing what other posies springs from her creative mind.


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