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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We're off to see the Wizard

We arrived early, so I took Stardust for a walk in the afternoon (an unheard of priviledge in sticky Singapore).

Stardust was beautifully behaved on the plane, but he became rather crochety towards the end and was having a pouty sulk (despite the efforts of the flight staff to entertain him). I thought that a little bit of scenery might cheer him up and being in the sunlight would help him to adjust to the new time zone. Or perhaps I really wanted to exhaust the little feller so he'd have a good sleep.

The air had a buttery smell of sunshine whilst we trundled through the park. We passed by families having picnics, students sunbathing whilst reading their textbooks, frisbee-playing dogs, old men gossiping whilst feeding pigeons. We watched the sleeping ducks bob up and down, all bundled up like little loaves of brown bread. On the banks of the pond, ibis stood to attention in scarlet uniforms, long beaks glinting. A red cat was hunting for beetles in the bulrushes. Stardust called to him, and he peered over his shoulder to survey us with disdainful grey eyes.

We walked on, chatting and singing, until I realised that I was holding a conversation with myself and Stardust had gone quiet. Peeking round into his stroller, I saw he was hunched up on one side, blinking at the world with glazed eyes. I brought him back to our room, and he only murmured a half-hearted protest as I popped him into his cot for a snooze.

And now I better get to bed - I have a feeling that tonight's sleep may be rather interrupted!


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