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Friday, December 19, 2008

Party tricks

Month 0: Producing odourless baby poop in prodigious quantities

Month 1: Acting as a urinary geyser

Month 2: Falling asleep on cue during the 'Sense of Six' leitmotif

Month 3: Laughing at...nothing

Month 4: Cramming both fists into the mouth and smiling

Month 5: Cramming both feet into the mouth and smiling

Month 6: Blowing drool bubbles and laughing

Month 7: Waving 'goodbye' at people (including inanimate people - portraits, photographs and store mannikins)

Month 8: Pulling to stand so as to reach the piano keyboard and play avant garde jazz

Month 9: Clapping hands to 'good' music, yelling indignantly at 'bad' music

Month 10: Using toes to scratch forehead (don't ask me how he does this - it all looks very wrong)


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