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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Float by my window

Here I am, all snuggled up in MDH's old jumper, drinking some homemade leek and potato soup.

It has definitely gotten a whole lot colder this week. I accidentally left the kitchen window open today when I was out doing the shopping. Now the whole house is freezing, which gives me an excuse to warm myself up with a hot chocolate. With marshmallows. Heh heh heh.

This week, the local dryads have traded in their green uniforms for the blazing fall colours.

It has been such a delight, passing through the tree-lined streets every morning, each tree awash in ambers and reds, signalling the new season. My duffle coat has made an appearance from the depths of the closet, along with my new white wool crochet scarf and trusty old suede gloves.

I'm clinging on desperately to the vestiges of summer - namely, my smart knee-length pencil skirts. My last pair of formal trousers finally fell to pieces this week, so I literally have nothing to wear to work (and I'm not going to buy any more trousers until I have a chance to visit the factory outlets in America.). Hence, I have decided to invest in tights to keep my legs warm and toasty.

So, I went out today and bought a pair of nice black pantyhose from M&S - 60 denier, so they are quite warm. When I got home and tried them on, the gusset was too long for my petite Chinese frame. Practically stretched them up to my armpits trying to get them on.

I think I will have to resort to using holdups instead of pantyhose. Does anyone know any good brands of holdup tights that won't slip or roll down?


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