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Monday, October 30, 2006

The problem with gratefulness

Since I've started this new post, I have been kept in a constant supply of chocolate. All from grateful patients who have been under my care this year.

I usually open up the box and share the chocolates with the rest of the healthcare staff. A kilogram box of Cadbury's Heroes can be emptied in this manner in under fifteen minutes. I am usually able to save a couple of bite-sized pieces of Timeout at the risk of having my hand chewed off by the cocoa-maddened crowd. It's like throwing a fresh carcass into shark-infested waters.

Even so, I have put on 5 kg in the last 3 months. This is entirely due to the consumption of two or three chocolate pieces a day because nothing else in my lifestyle has changed. 5 kilos of chocolate weight! If this goes on any more, I shall be able to roll myself into work.

I am thinking of going swimming regularly at the local leisure centre. However, I have difficulty spending an hour in the pool just doing laps. I get bored and end up playing with water instead. Anyone have any suggestions on pool exercises I could try, just for a bit of variety?


Blogger Felix Kasza said...

You could always follow Doctor Mama's advice (, select the "Running" category on the right sidebar, or search the site for "maggot") and go running.

Or you could go water running -- like treading water, only that you make an all-out effort to run through the water. Excellent cardio, and not bad for endurance either -- and non-weight-bearing, if that is why you are asking for things to do in the pool.


8:04 am  
Anonymous maryp said...

Hi - I do things like counting how many strokes to a length - trying to reduce them by increasing my glide,and imagining I am a canoe gliding through the water, and alternating with some lengths of faster strokes - Or I might watch other people while I have my face underwater ( always interesting), or muse over whatever I did the day before or what is coming up next ( good opportunity for reflection or prblem solving in a very relaxed way) Then I go into a slow lane using my float to do lengths of kicks which might be helping to slim my legs down and improve my free style, but also gives me a chance to pass the time of day with those who swim more slowly than I normally do. Last thought, maybe you could swim for a shorter period. I usually only swim for around 30 -40 minutes. I think I would get bored if I stayed for an hour. also this helps me fit it in before breakfast and therefore easier to keep to regularly.

Good luck

6:04 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

Felix: Water running sounds cool. But I'm not tall enough to do it in the lanes. The other kids laugh at me.

maryp: Thanks! I tried out your suggestions and it was real fun. Especially pretending to be a canoe.

5:05 pm  

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