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Thursday, July 13, 2006


There are some evenings when it is good to be quiet and still. These are the evenings when the sun is red and low in the sky, and a warm breeze blows through the room. These are the evenings when the clouds are dark and the rain is drumming against the window. These are the evenings after a tiring day at work, after a hot shower and a tasty meal.

These are the evenings, when I am catnapping, that you are next to me on the couch reading a novel and drinking your coffee. And this is when it is good for me to be quiet and still.

In the silence of the room, I can hear you breathe, I can hear the book rustle as you turn the pages, I can hear the sofa creaking as you shift position. And I am quiet and still, with my eyes shut and my head full of dreams.

Ever so often, when we are quiet and still, I can hear you hold your breath, and I can feel you lightly touch, with one finger, you gently touch my knee or the back of my neck or my shoulder or my feet. I know that you do this because, sometimes, you just want to touch me. And I know that it makes you happy just to be able to do that. So I smile a little, just so you know that I'm happy too. I hear you breathe out, softly, easily. In this quiet and still room, I can almost hear the smile forming on your face.

And this is when time stops.

Happy Anniversary.


Blogger Tym said...

Congrats! Hope you and MDH had a lovely day.

And *applause* on the brilliant entry. Very sweet.

12:12 pm  
Blogger trisha said...

I love reading this one.

And I'm tempted again to do print it out and show it to my students. Except that I also feel maybe I shouldn't? For this particular post?

Would you think I'm being too eager, too invasive, too much of a nuisance/auntie/busybody?

7:20 am  
Blogger tscd said...

tym: thanks.

trisha: You are very welcome to print it out and show your students! I'm very curious to hear what coments they make. I imagine they'll be calling out for basins to puke in.

2:58 pm  

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