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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

First Reserve

Another day, another 7 hour trainride north with the cold rain and the biting winds and the weather wasn't too great either, and there was another rejection, then another 7 hour trainride home. Open up the email, and there's another interview appointment waiting for me, also in the northern country. God must really want me to go and live in the north - all my interviews have been at least 6 hours away.

I'm not having much luck with trains either, I must say. Delays and cancellations and replacement bus services are my lot at the moment. On the way home from my last interview, the roof of the train caught fire. Don't ask me how - it was pelting down with rain at the time. The whole station had to be evacuated.

I stood on the platform, hugging my rucksack, watching the raindrops bounce off the tracks. A tired little boy cried and buried his face into his father's coat.

"Son, don't do that. Daddy's weary."

And so am I.


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