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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Money can't buy me love

But it can buy:

1. A chocolate angora wool cardigan
2. A cotton candy pink tie fronted blouse
3. A set of pasta dishes from Mark's and Spencer's
4. A stainless steel teapot made in Sheffield
5. Chocolate pralines from Thornton's
6. Dried fruits and nuts from Whittard's
7. A travel-sized hairdryer from Boots
8. Several pairs of cotton socks in shades of grey
9. Two blank notebooks
10. Four plastic food containers

Whee! It's nice to be able to shop and actually buy stuff!

I'm don't go window shopping - wandering aimlessly through stores just makes me irritated. I prefer shopping when I have something in mind that I actually need to purchase.

Today, I wanted to buy some nice soft cotton socks for my grandfather and get some "congratulations of your pregnancy" chocolates for one of my friends. Ended up buying a hairdryer for my mother as well and some healthy munchies for my father. Then I got the pasta dishes and teapot to replace the ones that the Out-laws broke on their last visit and the food containers to replace the ones MDH lost at work.

And the blouse and cardigan were from Benetton's 50% off sale. I don't really need a reason to buy those. *grin*


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