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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Toothsome business

There was blood on his hands, blood across his face, blood spattered on his vest and trousers. His little face looked worried, and he sat silently on a little stool as I examined him.

He had been playing with the new puppy which had gotten overexcited and had bitten his face and hands.

And bitten off his earlobe.

He would need plastic surgery to reconstruct his ear. Stitches to his face. Dressings over his fingers. Antibiotics.

He winced as I cleaned up the wounds over his cheek and nose. His parents hovered over us, anxious.

"I think you will have to get rid of the dog."

His parents gasped in surprise. "Why? It was only an accident! It's never bitten anyone before!"

I informed them that the dog may attack their son again, and who knows how bad the bites will be next time? Besides, he probably won't want to play with it anymore.

They grumbled.

"But it's pedigree!"


Blogger jadeite said...

Ugh. I love animals but the 'it's pedigree!' excuse is simply too much.

Still, I'd be really sad to give up my puppy :(

Lucky my kitties don't maul people!

10:12 pm  
Blogger ketsugi said...

I have scars on my foot that say otherwise.

11:51 pm  
Anonymous imp said...

huh? to imagine they will run the risk of having the son or someone else bitten again. especially when no one's around to tell the puppy what it did was very very wrong.

11:22 am  
Anonymous umami said...

Sigh, dogs and children may not get along. Puppies will bite and chew, if they are teething they will bite anything, it is their owners who need to teach them that biting is not acceptable.
IMO the parents should be given away.

2:07 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

jadeite: I don't think you'd love your puppy as much if it bit off your ear. ;)

ketsugi: A puppy mauled your foot?! What happened?

imp and umami: exactly!

10:21 pm  
Anonymous mrs budak said...

The puppy is not at fault, blame the parents for not teaching the child how to restrain himself when dealing with the puppy. We tend to forget that a puppy is still an animal.

Both child and dog need to be trained. Getting rid of the puppy is not the solution.

12:29 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

mrs budak: No, the puppy is not at fault for behaving instinctively, but it's not a good idea for them to keep the puppy and run the risk that it mauls their 3 year old again - or another child. And the next time, the damage might be worse. Already the poor kid may be permanantly disfigured.

Well, I suggested to the parents to give the puppy away to another family with older/no children, but they weren't having any.

Obviously this puppy is not suitable for this family.

1:59 pm  
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