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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Children on holiday

In the 3 days or so I have seen so many very small children with cuts and scrapes on their hands and knees. Most of them are visiting from France with their parents (why they have chosen to come to the UK of all places in this miserable winter weather is beyond my comprehension).

It's strange to hear all these parents talking about how they took their toddlers to see the historical places in England and to see the museums...but all the children are only interested in telling me about the ducks on the water or the funny-looking bugs they found in the park.

It reminded me about this short video I took of a small toddler chasing pigeons in Pisa last year (you can't see the leaning tower in the video, because I was facing away from it). You can hear his parent yelling at him...probably saying something like "will you stop that and come here and be more cultured!".


Blogger Tym said...

My parents' theory was not to bring us on museum-/culture-oriented vacations till we were old enough to appreciate them --- which makes sense when you consider how much it cost to fly a family of four halfway across the world to gay Paree or wherever. When I was a kid, though, all I knew was that I was getting gypped on 'real' vacations!

Maybe the kids are getting cuts and scrapes because they're trying to run away from the museums...

11:36 am  
Blogger tscd said...

tym: Hahaha that's true - running away from museums!

On the other hand, I have memories from as early as 3 years old of seeing the Sistine Chapel and being utterly wow-ed by it. So I guess there is some point to exposing kids to art and culture.

8:50 pm  

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