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Sunday, February 05, 2006


One of the worst thing in the world is having to tell someone:

1. That she is unexpectedly pregnant
2. That the bleeding and pain is probably not a good sign for the pregnancy

What makes it worse is having to use a translator to tell that someone.

And the translator is the mother-in-law.

It makes for badness all round. Many boxes of tissues were used.


Oh yes, and a note for all you husbands out there...

If your wife is having a miscarriage and is in hospital, please try and come from wherever you are and be with her. Or at least talk to her directly on the phone and not talk to her through your parents. And do not talk to her through the doctor!

"Tell my wife that I'm not coming."

No, I will not; you tell her yourself, you scumbag. Are you like 14 years old? This is not secondary school! You're a grown man!

(Note: This fellow actually hung up the phone before his wife could speak to him. I had to tell her myself in the end, anyway. Fortunately, it seems that Mother-In-Law was of the same mind and quickly excused herself to use her own mobile phone outside the hospital - presumably to give her good-for-nothing son a scolding.)


Blogger Tym said...

Aargh, indeed! And what an asshat of a husband.

1:01 am  
Blogger The Imp said...

i think a miscarriage constitutes a family emergency and husband to take urgent leave. unless he's out of town..

at least it sounds like the MIL is kind and on the DIL's side.

12:40 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

tym: Ooh, tell me about it. I even had to talk to him through his own father at first. 26 years old and he can't speak for himself.

the imp: There is probably some very strange family dynamic going on here. I feel quite suspicious about the way my patient was treated. She is the sort of person who is at high risk of abuse - isolated, trapped and pregnant.

8:26 pm  

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