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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Stopping for tea

Today's cakes
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Sunshine follows me.
I love finding these little english tea rooms selling all sorts of homemade cakes and breads. Every little village in England will have one of these family-run shops, a chalkboard propped up against the front window with the daily specials recorded on it.

There's just something so restful to be able to sit in a wooden chair, by a table with a patterned cloth, sipping on a fragrant cup of hot tea and enjoying a gloriously sticky victoria sponge.

MDH ordered this indulgent hot chocolate topped with cream and mini marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles.

I watched as the tea lady took out a huge bar of dark chocolate and a grater to make the chocolate sprinkles, whilst a young lad whipped up the fresh cream.

I ordered a pot of tea for myself and the Aged P's, as well as a toasted teacake (it's more like bread with sultanas in it) and cinnamon butter.

The smell of the cinnamon permeated the air when my teacake was served up, crisp and hot on the outside, fluffy on the inside with a generous smattering of juicy sultanas.

Outside, the cold winds blew over the marshes, the reeds and bulrushes whipping in all directions. We watched the terns and seagulls as they struggled seaward, returning inland to feed their young.

Teacakes and Cinnamon Butter
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Sunshine follows me.



Blogger takchek said...

There's just something fascinating about the way you wrote about it. Brings to mind those stories I read when I was younger depicting life in the English countryside and drinking tea.

Thanks for the memories. Lovely. :)

3:01 am  
Blogger tscd said...

Why thank you kindly, takchek, do come visit me again!

9:45 pm  

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