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Saturday, June 11, 2005


TSCD: Hello Mrs T.
Mrs T: Hello Doctor!
TSCD: I see your drip has fallen out.
Mrs T: Yes, you've come to replace it?
TSCD: Yes.
Mrs T: Okay. Don't mind me if I shout - I find that it helps.
TSCD: It's alright. You yell as loud as you want, okay? This will only take a minute. (busies self getting cannulation kit together)
(rustles from other patients in the bay as they get woken up from their sleep)
TSCD: Mrs T?
Mrs T: HELPHELPHELPhelphelp(pauses for breath)HELPHELPHELP!!!
(other patients whispering: do you hear that? That doctor is killing her!)
TSCD: Mrs T!
TSCD: Mrs T, I'm not even touching you yet.
Mrs T: Oh I know, I'm just practicising.
TSCD: Riight. You just carry on then. (starts cannulating Mrs T)
Mrs T: It's okay, I'm taking a rest now. (hums a tune) Have you started yet?
TSCD: (removing needle) I've already finished.
Mrs T: Oh! That was fast! I didn't feel anything at all. HELPHELPHELP
TSCD: What's wrong? I'm not doing anything to you now.
Mrs T: I know, but I just felt like something was missing.
TSCD: (refrains from throttling Mrs T) Ooookay then. You look after that cannula now. We don't want to do this again....(EVER!!!!!)

Mrs T: You're such a nice doctor.

I hate it when they get the last word.



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