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Monday, June 06, 2005

Good or Bad day?

I can't decide if today has been a good day or a bad day.

Started off this morning - a tree fell across the train tracks making me late for work. Bad day.

Replacement train service arrived but broke down halfway. Very late for work. Bad day.

Replacement bus service arrives but not enough buses for all the grumbling passengers. Had to wait for 2nd bus to arrive. Very VERY late for work. Bad day.

Then I got to work and realised that all my patients had been discharged over the weekend so I had nothing to do - went home early. Yay! Good day.

Got home, paid the electricity and credit card bills, did some laundry, washed up the dishes. Felt very virtuous. Good day.

Went to the bank, paid in my cheques, got some money out. Good day.

Went window shopping. Good day.

Walked into a spider's web and ATE a baby spider. Bad day!!! VERY BAD!!!! *pleagh pleagh*

So. 4 'good day' points and 4 'bad day' points. What does that make?



Gotta get the taste of that spider out of my mouth.



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