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Sunday, June 12, 2005


Today's schedule:

0900 - Wake up, clean self, wash up dishes
0944 - Tidy living room, empty bins, change bin liners
1013 - Wake up MDH, tidy living room
1057 - Wake up MDH, tidy kitchen
1100 - Eat breakfast, MDH reorganises spare room
1130 - Vacuum spare room, kitchen and bathroom floors
1146 - Make up spare room bed, MDH eats breakfast
1217 - Mop bathroom and kitchen floor, MDH cleans self and bathroom
1248 - Clean kitchen, MDH takes out the trash
1315 - Wipe down all surfaces, MDH cleans out the car
1357 - Get dressed to go out, check driving directions on internet
1430 - Leave house
1600 - Arrive at Heathrow airport
1703 - Parents finally get through immigration, meet at 'arrivals'
1728 - Pack car to overflowing and drive back home
1911 - Parental inspection of living quarters
1912 - Living quarters meet parental standards, nods of approval
1913 - TSCD and MDH heave sigh of relief

It has been a very busy day.
Parents are unaware of this blog at present - so will have to update as and when time permits for the next few weeks. Hopefully will still be able to update daily - this blogging wheeze is therapeutic!



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