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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Today MDH and I are going house-hunting. Again. Hope we find something nice this time.

I yearn for the day when we can stop paying rent and start paying a mortgage.

(11 hours later)

So we drove for 3 hours and when we were within 20 minutes of our destination, the estate agent called to say that the owners of the house had bailed on us and gone out of town instead.

AAARGH!!! *scream of frustration*

Unfortunately, that particular property was the only one we were interested in, and none of the other estate agents had anything to instead we had to content ourselves with driving around the town and familiarising ourselves with the roads (and note down places that we could investigate in greater detail after we move into the city).

I was really disappointed about not being able to see the house - although we did drive in front of it to check out the neighbourhood and find out how far it would be from my workplace. It looks nice, but we'll probably have to arrange to see it another day (grr).

I really felt like I had wasted a whole day of annual leave, so MDH allowed me to have a 'grumpy half hour' (I'm allowed one half hour of grumpiness a day), and then we left for home.

We dropped by this beautiful rose garden on the way back - over 300 varieties of 'old-fashioned' roses, all in full bloom, a myriad of colours and scents. It was late afternoon by then, so the fragrance was truly incredible.

MDH and the Aged P found a thrush's nest hidden away under some ivy and amused themselves by making the nestlings pop their little beaks in the air, whistling shrilly. I pottered around admiring the blossom-heavy plants and watching the bumblebees as they whizzed from bloom to bloom, drinking nectar and filling their bags of pollen.

We sat by the fountain in the middle of the garden, listening to the sound of trickling water and enjoying the gentle breezes.

Later on, we wandered by the nearby brook and fed our leftover stale bread to the fish. Occasionally, an overenthusiastic rainbow trout would spring out of the water to catch the crumbs, its flanks flashing yellow red and silver blue in the sun.

Perhaps it wasn't such a waste of annual leave after all...

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