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Saturday, May 22, 2010

International Museum Day 2010

So, this Sunday (23rd May) is International Museum Day 2010 and all the museums in Singapore are having an open house!  It's a good opportunity to bring along the family and have a day out.

My dad is a big fan of museums and I have inherited his love for them.  I remember the first museum I ever really loved was the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum - just seeing the Spirit of St Louis hanging from the ceiling was enough to fuel my imagination for days.

Stardust has already been to visit the National Museum, the Peranakan Museum and the Singapore Art Museum.  It's a good way to expose him to new ideas and visual concepts, and to have a platform to teach him about art, history and culture.  My dad loves to watch Stardust's response to the exhibits and listen to his interpretation of what they represent.

I will probably bring him to the National Museum and the Singapore Art Museum this Sunday, but if we have time, we might visit the Philatelic Museum as well.

Have a great weekend!  Maybe I'll see you at the museum.

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