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Thursday, May 20, 2010


My beloved computer finally kicked the bucket this morning.  Rest in peace, Dellbyr - we had 6 good years together and they were good times.  Good times. 

*momentary pause to reflect on the good times*

I am using the Aged P's computer today (on the pretext of researching new computers) but until we purchase a new desktop, blog posts will be sporadic.

Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.  Let me just say that I am currently vulnerable to Apple Evangelism and am likely to rebound strongly during this time of grief.



Anonymous Hamster said...

Look at your software needs - are you tied by any software that requires specifically Windows or Mac? Or are you ready to use ANY software as long as it's on a Mac? That'd help you to decide whether you should get a Mac or Windows machine

4:54 pm  

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