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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Swinging free

I have not seen any swings at any of the playgrounds in Singapore for a long, long time.

MDH and I think the absence of swing sets in Singapore is due to the overwhelming presence of concerned parents who view swings as the breeding ground for Broken Bones and Nosebleeds.  However, I am inclined to believe that these parents are hardly likely to bring their kids to the outdoor playground which is full of Germs and Dirt, so I'm not sure why the swings have disappeared.

I miss the swings wholeheartedly and I speak as one who has received a broken arm as result of a fall from a swing set which I was using in a non-orthodox manner (i.e. serve me right).

At this playground that we visited in Mollymook, there was not only a swing set for big kids and tiny kids (a seat with a belt - Stardust used it quite safely, as you can see in the picture below), but also a wheelchair swing (no pictures because there was a shy little boy using it)!

How cool is that?

Singapore has a very long way to go before it becomes a child-friendly destination.

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