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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Stardust's Youtube Favourites: Captain Valor

I have always thought that sign language is like a form of dance - the movement of the hands is greatly enhanced by the expression of the body and face.  Whenever I have had the priviledge of observing the conversation of the deaf, I am always intrigued by how animated their faces become as emotion and imitation are so much a part of communication.

So, I've discovered a new set of very entertaining music videos by Captain Valor (aka Stephen Torrence), a college student from Texas Tech University who, in his spare time, translates popular music into American Sign Language.  

Stardust particularly likes this cover of 'Fireflies'. 
Stardust also likes this cover of 'Blue Sunny Day' by Jonathan Coulter as well as this Miley Cyrus tune.
You'd think that after watching these videos several times every evening, I'd be thoroughly sick of them.  Surprisingly, they seem fresh to me every time.

Of course, the fact that Captain Valor bears a passing resemblence to Peter Petrelli does help matters.  Yes, I'd say that it helps matters quite a bit.

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