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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Sheila: Hey TSCD!
TSCD: Hey!
Sheila: So, I heard you went to the Royal Easter Show last week.
TSCD: I did - it was AWESOME.  We saw lots of animals and Stardust rode on a carousel for the first time.  He really enjoyed it.
Sheila: Did you watch the racing and diving pigs?
TSCD: Yeah, and there was a cow competition so there were all these beefy teenage farmers escorting their prize bulls from the pens to the ring and the feed stations.
Sheila: Did you check out the woodchopping competition?
TSCD: No.  I wanted to but it was too late in the afternoon and Stardust was getting tired.  What is that about anyway?
Sheila: Oh, it when they compete to see who is the fastest woodchopper.  It's hilarious.
TSCD: Why is it hilarious?
Sheila: Well, its all about the burly dudes with the sweaty teenage-ness and muscles.  They have handicaps and racing axes!  RACING AXES!  It is great.  The commentators are very serious!
TSCD: What?
Sheila: Yeah, they strut into the arena with their shirts off and carrying different implements to use at different angles of chopping and each of them have a special super-secret chopping technique.  It's like watching wushu but with axes.
TSCD: (confused) Why must they do it with their shirts off?
Sheila: Because it's hot.
TSCD: I'll bet.
Sheila: No, I meant that it's the end of summer and therefore is freaking hot.
TSCD: *giggling*
Sheila: You are such a CHILD!!!



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