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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Building a world

This morning, whilst waiting for a friend to fly in from Northern City, we went to play in the field behind the apartment.

It was dry but the skies were grey and gloomy so we didn't want to walk too far from shelter.

Stardust, collecting as usual, started picking up seedpods that had fallen from the trees.

As he pottered around, we found more and more seedpods of different shapes.  Some of them looked like pinecones.

He started to pile the pods and cones on the ground in the lee of the barbeque pits so that they would be protected from the harsh winds. 

MDH helped him build a teepee around the cones out of twigs and leaves.
We found more dried leaves and flowerheads and used them to decorate his castle.

It's looking pretty good!

Rain is coming...I wonder if the teepee will last until tomorrow.  I sure hope so.  The boys seem to be quite proud of their architectural wonder.

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