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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thoughts on a car journey

1. Keeping a small wiggly child in a carseat for 5 straight hours is like trying to imprison the Kraken.
2. Bringing rice crackers to feed the Kraken with was a brilliant idea.
3. The remake of 'Clash of the Titans' was highly overrated.
4. The Ozzie radio station played a mix of Bach, Country-Western, Cake, Jordin Sparks and Islamic Altar Call. Them DJs must have eclectic tastes.
5. Australia Vogue doesn't have enough pictures in it to amuse a 2 year old.
6. Not bringing the cover for Stardust's milk bottle was a stupid, stupid idea.
7. So was not bringing enough rice crackers.
8. Sheep appear to neatly graze in one direction whilst cows are not quite so militant in their feeding formations.
9. Echidna look very sweet when they are trundling along the side of the road.
10. I think I like pugs.

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