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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I love Tesco's!!!

I just love grocery shopping!

It is so rewarding, going to the supermarket here, with its rows and rows of fresh seasonal produce looking luscious in neat little plastic bins and its long lines of jars gleaming temptingly on shelves.

I love to take Stardust with me and let him smell the fruit and touch the vegetables. Sometimes, he will even help me pick out the hardier vegetables like cabbages and cauliflowers (anything that doesn't bruise easily).

The fruits and vegetables here taste so much better than the ones grown back at home in the hydroponics farms, especially the produce harvested from organic farms. I suppose this is because they are allowed to fully ripen in their own season before the harvest.

I do try to buy local as much as is possible when I'm at the market in Singapore, but most of the produce in the supermarkets are imported, so they are picked for transport whilst they are still green, thus losing much of their natural fragrance and flavour.

There is a prize-winning farm shop not too far away from here and I am rather curious about what they offer. Maybe I will visit it sometime in the week and take Stardust with me. What a treat!


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