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Monday, March 30, 2009

Shopping for warpaint

Today I have succeeded in carrying out part of my Plans For Change - namely, to think about using makeup. I am pleased to announce that not only have I thought about makeup, but I actually went out and bought myself some. I am doubly pleased to tell you that not only did I purchase warpaint, but I also did it whilst wearing something pretty.

(Tangent: I am rather pleased with the white cotton halterneck blouse with the pleated bib that I purchased from Bonitochico - another very cool homegrown online store found in the fashion alleyways of Livejournal. It goes very nicely with my brown corduroy high-waisted Banana Republic pencil skirt and my tan Converse plimsolls. End of tangent.)

To be perfectly honest, I was only vaguely mulling over the faint possibility of using cosmetics but a friend of mine (whom I am just getting to know) called my bluff and asked me if I was serious about my commitment to the aforementioned Plans For Change. Of course, I indignantly told her that I was Very Committed Indeed - at which point she, being a retail guru, offered to take me shopping.

I have a fear of cosmetic retailers because they always have a way of making me feel like a mud-encrusted guttersnipe who is in dire need of salvation from the purchase of a few expensive products. I get so intimidated by them that I often find myself nodding dumbly at their hypnotic ravings and later, holding several boxes of unguent whilst being gently ushered towards the cashier. At this point, I will normally come to my senses with some sort of shriek, thrust the armful of boxes willy-nilly onto the nearest shelf and make haste for the exit whilst the enchantresses screech after me in anger.

However, with the Retail Guru at my side wielding her Nokia E71 like a large baton, the cosmetic sirens (who initially seemed eagerly poised for a quick kill) at the M.A.C. counter were quickly subdued. One glance at the Retail Guru's arched eyebrow and pursed lip and they quickly began to sing me a different tune - one with the words 'minimalist' and 'essentials' in it.

Now, I chose M.A.C. knowing that they produce wide range of quality products which seem to last a long time and are also the most affordable 'beauty hall' brand. The ingredients of the cosmetics are kind to sensitive skin and the counter staff are always very knowledgeable and immaculately made up.

With the help of the Retail Guru (who was able to compensate for my ignorance of facial creams) and the advice of the M.A.C. staff, I came away from the counter with only 3 things - a stick of concealer for covering up the evidence of years, a little case of very light pressed powder for a polished look, and a blusher in a lovely warm colour that brings out the barest hint of rose in the cheeks. Not too much, just enough to start out with.

I think it just might work.


Anonymous Hamster said...

Ehhh... Is the result going to be displayed here?? :P

9:39 am  
Anonymous joyinthelord said...

I feel exactly the same way at cosmetics counters.

10:56 am  
Blogger tscd said...

Hamster: Cheeky! Of course not. My makeup style shall be subtle. "Oh yes, I was born this way."

joyinthelord: That is why I tend to avoid them at all costs! It was hard for me to go shopping for makeup. I did like...a week's worth of homework beforehand!

9:45 am  
Anonymous Hamster said...

Blast. It was worth a shot asking anyway.

Just please don't end up like those salesgirls at some of the cosmetic counters (and IT booths). I always tell the wife that I wonder how big a dust cloud I could raise by slapping them on the back of their heads.

2:33 pm  

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