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Monday, March 16, 2009

Plans for the woman in her late twenties.

This week I plan to:

1. Get a haircut.

And I want it short. SHORT SHORT SHORT. Short and flippy.

2. Start a proper skincare regime

I have let my skincare regime slide since pregnancy. This is not a good thing. I keep forgetting that I'm not 18 years old anymore and I no longer have that teen-skin that never crinkles from lack of sleep. I should probably invest in a good eye-cream. Any suggestions?

3. Attempt to lose some weight.

I have been one of those fortunate girls who never seems put on weight despite a sedentary fish-and-chips lifestyle. This is why half of my wardrobe dates back to my early teens.

I put on an extra 3-4 kg during my pregnancy and I haven't been able to shift it (probably because I'm not 18 anymore and I can't eat myself slim like I used to). 3kg may not seem like much, but I am a person of very little height so the extra pudge is rather obvious.

I suppose I should try and workout at home but I lack incentive. Perhaps I can borrow some postnatal exercise videos from the library. It's worth a try.

4. Reinvent my wardrobe.

Like I said, half my wardrobe dates back to my early teens. This is no longer acceptable.

Since I spent most of my adult life in the UK, my grownup wardrobe is all about layering in various fuzzy textures which are totally unsuitable for Singapore weather. The only additions I have made to my woefully sparse summer stylings are a couple of maternity blouses and loose fitting cotton Tees.

If I don't do something quick about my clothes, my mother will take it upon herself to pad up my closet. Don't get me wrong - Mum has a great sense of style. However, she does occasionally have eccentric moments of colour blindness which coincide with memory lapses in which she thinks I'm 10 years old again. Just last week, I caught her fingering a batik racerback dress with bilious green turtles swimming in an electric violet sea. She didn't say anything, but she had that glint in her eye. I have to get a move on, or I'm going to end up looking like a Purple Rain blacklight poster.

5. Think about using makeup

As I keep telling myself, I'm no longer 18 and it's starting to show and I don't like it at all, NOT ONE BIT. I have very little experience with warpaint - except stage makeup - so when I do wear it, I tend to look like I'm taking part in a wayang. I don't really know where to start, though, but I promised myself that I would take some pride in my appearance and not slowly morph into a crumpled-pink-plastic-bag market auntie.


Blogger Jo said...

I could be your beauty consultant... hiak. you know i very vain one...

5:34 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

Jo: yes! I hire you to be my beauty consultant! I hope you accept peanut shells as currency.

6:10 pm  

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