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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

You're no superman

MDH staggers into the room where I am packing my bag for yet another long train journey (I'm scored another interview up north). He looks absolutely wretched.

TSCD: Are you alright?
MDH: Yeah yeah...just feeling a little queasy.
TSCD: A little queasy? You look like a dead fish!
MDH: (watery smile) Thanks a lot.
TSCD: Seriously. You going to work like that?
MDH: (watery smile) Yeah.
TSCD: You can't go to the hospital like that! The patients will run away.
MDH: They won't get far. (sweating profusely) Anyway, I can't call in sick. (swaying on feet) They're understaffed today. And I've got an appraisal. And I promised that I'd join the hospital football league!
TSCD: can't even stand up straight!
MDH: I feel fine! Fine, I tell you!

MDH's face suddenly turns a attractive shade of bilious green and he rushes into the toilet.

TSCD: (Peeking round the door) So...I'll call the hospital and tell them you're ill, shall I?
MDH: (retching)
TSCD: Okay then.



Blogger korIn said...

Ah yes...


My bf is somewhat of that kinda pattern... and yeah... he's a man... so.... Ha...

7:58 pm  
Blogger trisha said...

Actually many men will exaggerate their sickness so as to get some TLC from their wives.

MDH is certainly not that sort huh?

12:06 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

korin: Yeah. Men.

trisha: Well, after we established he was ill, he crawled back into bed an tried to look as sick as possible.

4:51 pm  

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