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Friday, April 07, 2006

Sweet surprises

Amber and Ivory
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Sunshine follows me.
One of the greatest skills in knowing how to be able to give presents. I find it easy to buy gifts for people on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries...but I often lack spontenaity in my gift-giving.

Fortunately, I am blessed with a husband who knows not only what sort of present to give, but also when to give it. And I must say his timing is impeccable.

When he surprised me with this delicate link bracelet with amber and ivory beads on a day when I was feeling particularly morose, I could do nothing else but smile and smile and smile. And then I smiled some more.

Isn't it lovely? MDH has got good taste in jewellery, has he not? It jangles and sparkles in the light and makes a pretty sound.

And I am reminded once again of the people who love me.


Blogger jadeite said...

*throws jealousy at tscd*

that bracelet is gorgeous. your husband has a good eye for jewelry - and he's incredibly sweet. you lucky lucky woman!

10:01 am  
Blogger The Imp said...

it's beautiful!!! and the thought that went behind the gift-giving! you've got a gem both ways!

2:57 pm  
Blogger w. said...

1000000 points to MDH. :)

10:57 pm  
Blogger Jenny said...

hopefully not elephant ivory

3:10 pm  
Blogger Zak said...

it's gorgeous!!! Lucky, lucky you!! Lucky him to have you to give it too....*wink*

9:06 pm  

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