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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Proof of love

I have to renew my UK visa in a few months time. At present, I hold a visa for 'limited leave to remain' that is 2 years long.

I can apply for a visa for 'leave to remain' that allows me to stay in the UK for an unlimited period of time but first I must prove that I am still married and that I still live with my husband.

In my house I keep a file containing an assortment of documents to prove that my marriage is real and lasting.

It's almost insulting.


Anonymous John Smith said...

I do agree with you, we have to apply for our "extension" of one year on top of our current ancestry, but the law now ask we bring all our documentation to prove rent/mortage, letter from employer to prove you have a PERM job, all the original documentation you applied with originally!!! And then the Case Worker" who from experience I know will and always is a foreigner, will then decide your fate, either yay or nay! If I floated in on a boat from the channel without a passport I would have been given a council house free of charge, food coupons and state bennefit handouts in the form of money around 80£ a week plus in two years time a passport, no 5 year wait!! NO THAT IS AN INSULT TO HONEST TAX PAYING AND MAKING A LIVING!!!

3:28 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

It's such a palaver, isn't it? I especially hate lining up at the Croydon office from 6am in the morning.

4:33 pm  
Anonymous John Smith said...

Oh and the way the "guards" of the home office walk outside and "taunt" you!!! The men in the dress up Bobby outfits. Meanwhile I am the one who make it possible for them to eat by coughing up 500£ a pop to grace them with my presence... Back to front world we live in! But end of the day the Soith west trains, underground and Home offic is my only complaints! ;)

10:52 pm  

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