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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Time found

As it turns out, there was indeed time enough for homemade carrot soup for dinner. Thick, sweet carrot soup garnished with yogurt. Macaroni tossed in olive oil, herbs and a sprinkling of cheese. And a tasty soft roll, warmed by the heat of the stove.

MDH went out for a few minutes to post another batch of job application forms, neatly packed into brown envelopes and adorned with 1st class stamps, whilst I was stirring the soup with my handheld blender. He came back in shaking rain droplets out of his hair at me, whilst I tried to shield myself with a potlid.

Over dinner, we did not talk about our frustrations at work, we refused to discuss our fears about unemployment, we avoided uttering our concerns for the future. There was no time for that.

Instead, we nattered on about movies and books and pondered over the important questions in life: whose turn it was to bleach the loo and whether or not the fish would survive unfed for the 6 days that we will be spending gallivanting down the Romantic Road in Germany.

And later on that evening, Betty Crocker did stop by with a small batch of chocolate chip cookies.

There's always time for chocolate chip cookies.


Anonymous Lynn said...

there is always time for cookies, just as I posted a comment a new post comes up :)...maybe I should pop down and get some ingredients for a cake..might cheer meself up

7:24 pm  
Blogger tscd said...

lynn: There's always time for cake! Especially chocolate cake. Or butter sponge cake. Or chocolate butter sponge cake. With ice cream! And strawberries!

9:01 pm  

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