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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Finding time

Morning egg
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Sunshine follows me.
The laundry lies on the bedroom floor, divided into little hillocks of dark colours, light colours, bright colours and no colours. The dishes sit unwashed in accusing stacks on the kitchen counter. The textbooks brood darkly on the desk, amongst a pile of bills-to-be-paid. The fish pout at me from within the depths of their bowl, waiting to be fed.

But there is still time for MDH to fry up eggs for breakfast and to sit together with a glass of sweet red grape juice in hand, laughing and planning our upcoming holiday in Germany.

Cupcake lunch
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Sunshine follows me.

There is also time to remember the recipe for the Mother-Outlaw's chocolate cupcakes. The milk, sugar, eggs, flour, vanilla, cocoa powder, chocolate drops are all remembered but I had to call the Mother-OutLaw before I remembered to add in the butter.

Butter is added and whisked in, and the cupcakes are cooled just in time for lunch.

And now, the bills are paid, the laundry is drying, the dishes are sparkling clean, the fish chase each other in a round, and I have closed the textbook on nephrology for the time being.

Time to sit with MDH on the carpet and watch him defeat monsters as the Prince of Persia.

Perhaps, later, if we have the time, there will be chocolate cookies from Betty Crocker, and carrot soup and buttered rolls and movies on DVD.


Anonymous a l said...

i love reading your notes on lovely moments spent with MDH. =) and ooh, those cupcakes...

9:34 am  
Blogger tscd said...

a l: Aren't cupcakes good?

8:59 pm  

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